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The iX Series robotic total stations are a trimmed down, high- performance solution. You get the efficiency of a single-operator robotic system, the power of long range reflectorless measurements, and performance as a hybrid positioning solution.


UltraSonic technology is the driving force for the iX Series. The UltraSonic motors are the thinnest, lightest, and most powerful on the market – providing you with the smoothest and most accurate prism- tracking possible. It’s a difference you can see and hear immediately. With a rotation speed of 150° per-second, no matter how fast you move, or how many obstacles are in the way, you cannot outrun the iX.


Our new UltraTrac technology gives you increased prism-tracking strength in all conditions. Advanced instrument algorithms deliver the confidence you need to move ahead. It’s not that you lose line-of-sight, it’s how fast you can reacquire and get back to work.

Ultra-slim and reliable

Featuring a remarkably slimmed down design, the compact system is a third smaller and lighter than previous robotic instruments, yet twice as fast. Without traditional gears or wearing parts, the UltraSonic motors are much more rugged and durable – lasting four times longer than previous total stations, and we back it with a five year warranty.

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Product Details
Auto-tracking / Auto-Collimatin

Motor type
Direct drive by ultrasonic motor
Rotation speed / Auto-tracking speed
180°/s / 20°/s
Auto-tracking / Auto-Collimating range

ATP1/ATP1S 360° prism : 2 to 600m (6.6 to 1,960ft.), CP01 : 1.3 to 700m (4.3 to 2,290ft.), OR1PA : 1.3 to 500m (4.3 to 1,640ft.) One AP prism : 1.3 to 1,000m (4.3 to 3,280 ft.) Reflective sheet (Auto-collimation)*4 : RS10/30/50N-K : 5 to 50m (16 to 160ft.) / RS90N-K : 10 to 50m (32 to 160ft.)

RC handle
Remote control range (RC handle + RC-PR5A)
2 to 300m (4.3 to 980ft.)

Magnification / Resolving power
30x / 2.5"
Length :
142mm (5.6in.), Objective aperture : 38mm (1.5in.) (38mm (1.5in.) for EDM), Image: Erect, Field of view: 1°30' (26m/1,000m), Minimum focus: 1.3m (4.3ft.)
Angle measurement

Display resolutions

0.5"/1" (0.0001 / 0.0002gon, 0.002 / 0.005mil)

Accuracy (ISO 17123-3:2001)
Dual-axis compensator
Dual-axis liquid tilt sensor, working range: ±6'
Distance measurement

Laser output
Reflectorless mode : Class 3R / Prism/sheet mode : Class 1
Measuring range (Reflectorless)
Under good conditions: 0.3 to 1,000m
Measuring range (Reflective sheet)
RS90N-K: 1.3 to 500m (4.3 to 1,640ft.), RS50N-K: 1.3 to 300m (4.3 to 980ft.), RS10N-K: 1.3 to 100m (4.3 to 320ft.)
Measuring range (Mini prism)
CP01: 1.3 to 2,500m (4.3 to 8,200ft.), OR1PA: 1.3 to 500m (4.3 to 1,640ft.)
Measuring range (One AP prism)
1.3 to 5,000m (4.3 to 16,400ft) / Under good conditions*8 : 6,000m (19,680ft.)
Measuring range (ATP1/ATP1S 360° prism)
1.3 to 1,000m (4.3 to 3,280ft.)
Display resolution

Fine and Rapid : 0.0001m(0.001ft/ 1/16in.) / 0.001m (0.005ft/ 1/8in.) Tracking and Road : 0.001m (0.005ft/ 1/8in.)/ 0.01m (0.1ft/ 1/2in.)

Accuracy (Reflectorless)
(2 + 2ppm x D) mm
Accuracy (Reflectorless)
(2 + 2ppm x D) mm
Accuracy (Prism)
(1 + 2ppm x D) mm
Measuring time (Fine / Rapid / Tracking)
0.9s (initial 1.5s) / 0.6s (initial 1.3s) / 0.4s (initial 1.3s)
OS, Interface and Data management

Operating system
Windows Embedded Compact
Control panel (Display)
4.3 inch, Transmissive TFT WVGA color LCD with LED backlight, Touch screen
Control panel (Keyboard)
24 keys with backlight
Control panel (Location)
On single face
Trigger key
On right instrument support
Data storage (Internal memory)
1GB internal memory (includes memory for program files)
Data storage (Plug-in memory device)
USB flash memory (max. 32GB)
Calendar / clock function
Serial RS-232C, USB2.0 (Type A / miniB)

Wireless communication (Cellular)

2G/3G, User SIM: mini-SIM(2FF)(25 x 15 x 0.76mm)
Wireless communication (Bluetooth modem)
Bluetooth Class 1, Ver.2.1+EDR, Operating range: up to 600m (1,960ft.) (while in communication with RC-PR5A)
Wireless communication (Wireless LAN)
IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Guide light
Green LED (524nm) and Red LED (626nm), Operating range: 1.3 to 150m (4.3 to 490ft.)
Coaxial red laser using EDM beam
Levels (Graphic)
6’ (Inner Circle)
Levels (Circular level (on tribrach))
10' / 2mm
Plummet (Optical)
Magnification: 3x, Minimum focus: 0.5m (11.8in.) from tribrach bottom
Plummet (Laser Option)
Red laser diode (635nm±10nm), Beam accuracy: <=1.0mm@1.3m, Class 2 laser product
Dust and water protection / Operating temperature
IP65 (IEC 60529:2001) / -20 to +50ºC (-4 to +122ºF)
Size with handle
212(W)x 172(D)x 355(H)mm
Instrument height
192.5mm from tribrach mounting surface
Weight with battery & tribrach
Approx. 5.8kg (12.8lb)(with RC handle)
Power supply

Battery (BDC70 detachable battery)
Li-ion rechargeable battery
Operating time (20ºC) (BDC70 detachable battery)
Approx. 4hours
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